Introducing Governor

If you’re a fan of double bridge sunglasses, boy do we have something for you. We’ve introduced a pair of double bridge sunglasses & we’re calling it Governor. It’s assertive, bold & powerful. Just like you.


Governor M in Beach Gold

Constructed from the highest grade of stainless steel, it’s super light yet ultra flexible. We’ve included Polycarbonate lenses – which means that you get the lightest but the toughest lenses in the market guaranteed never to crack & break. Super-Flexible Design

Our lenses are also Polarised, which helps in cutting indirect glare from the sun. By contrast, normal sunglasses cut only the direct source of glare – which is the sun, but they allow all sorts of nasty indirect glare to enter your eyes. Some examples of indirect glare include glare from road tar, metal bodies of vehicles & water. Take a look at this un-retouched image below to see the difference for yourself.

Polarised Vs Non-Polarised

Left: View Through Governor   Right: View Through Regular Sunglasses

Governor is available in 2 categories – Governor & Governor M, non-mirror & mirror sunglasses respectively and are available in a total of 5 colours(see image below).


The Entire Range of Governor Sunglasses

So, super flexible yet sturdy frame design, ultra light yet virtually unbreakable lenses & polarised technology. All of these features for just Rs. 2,499. True to our statement, Governor is a revolutionary product at a super revolutionary price point. Any other brand would sell you a product of this caliber for a minimum of 5 figures. What 5 figures exactly? We leave that to your imagination!

Check out the product video of Governor below. We hope you get your hands on them soon!


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