Paying Too Much for Glasses – A Thing of The Past

Hey folks! Our previous post was a tribute to Marvel where we showed the conversation that took place between me & Devesh about why we started Glassic & how the idea came to life.

In this article, I’ve highlighted in detail as to why glasses cost so much and how Glassic is trying to change the game.

Do you ever wonder why you pay *so* much for glasses? Have you ever tried to buy eyeglasses or sunglasses online looking for “cheaper” solutions, but they’ve turned out to be a bit too cheap? Or you’ve found something that looks good on screen, but didn’t know if that pair would suit you? Or realised that the designs of frames & site were just so bad that it made you shut the site & never visit again?!

To begin with, let me throw some light on the first question by asking you another question: which is your favourite eyewear brand? Ray-Ban? Oakley? Prada? Or Bvlgari? Ever wonder who makes these eyewear? It should make sense when I tell you that Ray Ban makes Ray Ban & Oakley makes Oakley and so on. I only wish it were true.

80% of major eyewear brands are manufactured, distributed & retailed by a single company. That’s right. Just ONE. And if you ask me, there really is not much of a difference in quality between these brands. Their designs are great. But is it really warranted for you to pay 5 figure sums of money for just the brand label and succumb to this environment of artificial competition created by this entity?

If you answered “no” for my last question, then I have something that would be of  interest to you. What if I told you that there is a start-up which recognises this lopsidedness? And that they have created a website where you can get really awesome pairs of eyewear for a fraction of the price? How much you ask? How does Rs. 1,999 sound to ya?

Rs. 1,999 for any frames or sunglasses (all polarised lenses) – all made from the same raw material as branded eyewear. I’m Kailash Nichani, one of the two co-founders of Glassic. Check us out here:

“How the heck is it possible to provide great quality at such an affordable price, Kailash?”, you might ask. Well, a simple tweak to the supply chain is what has allowed us to do so. We design, manufacture & sell our own eyewear – no middleman, therefore no redundant costs to be borne by you.

Great, now that you know what we do, you might be wondering about the answers to the other set of questions I asked in the first paragraph. These are some very common issues that you would face when you try to buy a pair of glasses online.

So, here’s how we’ve tried to overcome those hurdles:

First off, we’ve got an insanely easy to use interface which shows you *only* the stuff that’s important for you to see in order to make your purchase decision.

Second, we have a state-of-the-art virtual try on feature. And I’m not talking about that “Upload Your Photo” nonsense. Ours is a 3D augmented reality based software that uses your webcam to show you a live feed of yourself. It’s like you’re sitting in front of a mirror!

Third, our prescription tool recommends the best lens for you, in terms of thickness, based on your power (prescription required). Toggle around our options to understand the features & pricing using our simple 4 step process. And since we believe in providing you with only the best, we have an exclusive tie up with the world’s best lens manufacturer, Essilor.

All our frames & sunglasses have a one year limited warranty, 14 day free returns & COD. All lens orders come along with an authenticity card straight from Essilor.

Go ahead and give us a try. You won’t be disappointed!

PS: Startups interested to get your hands on our eyewear for your teams are welcome to touch base with me. We could set up exclusive pricing options just for you.

– Kailash Nichani

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